The GLOBE Academy want to ensure you and your scholar are ready for school. Please check out the details below for information on things like supply list, car tags, uniforms etc.

School Supply Lists

Visit our Back to School supplies lists to find each grade level’s specific supply needs.

Summer Assignments

Click here to find the recommended summer enrichment assignments on the school website.

School Uniforms

Students at The GLOBE Academy are required to wear uniforms. School uniforms provide a sense of community and help ensure safety by making it easier for faculty and staff to identify students. GLOBE's uniform policy does not require uniforms to be purchased from a particular vendor.

Learn about GLOBE’s uniform policy by clicking here.

Carpool Tags

Newly enrolled students for the 2022-2023 school year will receive carpool and backpack tags. These tags can be picked up at the front office during orientation. Returning students will use the same carpool tag from the previous year. If a replacement tag is needed, the cost of a replacement tag is $3 for one, or $5 for two. Payment can ONLY be made by check or money order.

Need a NEW Carpool Tag?

If you would like to purchase a new tag, contact:

LC: lcfrontoffice@theglobeacademy.net
UC: ucfrontoffice@theglobeacademy.net

If you need financial assistance reach out to celliott-earby@theglobeacademy.net

Transportation Options

You can view a list of private transportation companies and after school programs with transportation to/from GLOBE by clicking here. GLOBE does not provide this information as an endorsement of these programs. They are only listed as vendors who have been used by members of our community in the past. Please reach out to the vendor directly for more information.


New additions to the 2022-23 school year are boys volleyball, swimming and cross country. Navigate the menu above to learn about our various sports activities. Our Athletics team will be on hand during Orientation Day to provide detailed information.

Student and Family Handbook, 2022-2023

Be sure to review the Student and Family Handbook. All families will be required to acknowledge they have read and reviewed the handbook during the re-enrollment process. Click here for the link.

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