Welcome to The GLOBE Academy Parent Teacher Community Council, or as we like to call it, our PTCC!  Our vision is to be an engaged community that supports the learning environment and unique culture of GLOBE.  

PTCC Mission

The PTCC will build collaborative partnerships amongst all stakeholders through fundraising and community events to promote open communications, enhance educational experiences, and develop learning opportunities to impact our greater community.

Participation in the PTCC is open to any parent/guardian with children attending GLOBE, GLOBE faculty and staff, and members of the greater community who are supportive of the vision and mission of The GLOBE Academy.  All are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

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Did you know? 

Most charter schools use a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or a PTCC structure, rather than a traditional Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This allows for flexibility and innovation, which helps serve an evolving charter school. It also means that GLOBE doesn’t have to follow the rules of a national organization, but can instead ensure that our structure is tailor-made to suit our school’s needs.

2021-2022 PTCC Leadership Team

The PTCC Leadership Team is comprised of 4 Officers (2 Co-Chairs, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer), all PAC Leads (1-2 per PAC), and designated teacher representatives.  The Leadership Team's role is to collaborate with the Head of School and Governing Board, to help guide the work of PTCC, and cross coordinate as needed across PACs.


Laura Hancock & Stephanie Gumbis (co-chairs), Kristeena Spivey (secretary),  Farah Chang (treasurer)   
Email officers here.

Parent Action Committees (PACs)

Parent Action Committees (PACs) are narrowly focused groups of parents charged with tackling specific challenges or planning specific aspects of GLOBE growth and development. PACs meet regularly and are open for any parent to join.  Each PAC is comprised of multiple Work Groups focused on advancing specific areas within our school.  Workgroups within each PAC are dynamic and subject to change in response to changing conditions.

Community Support PAC

Christopher Richards and MJ Levine

Lost & Found/Used Uniforms
Parent Mixers
Screen on the Green
Community Service and Sustainability
Support school with Ambassadory Program
Ice Cream Social

Classroom Support PAC

Ana Teixeira and Florence Cannon

Book Fair     
Field Day     
Science Night     
Room Parent Coordination      
Teacher Appreciation 

Fundraising PAC

Dana Stone and Ashley Wilkerson

Fundraising Events
  • GLOBE Auction
  • Maker's Market
Earned Income:
  • Spirit Wear
  • Spirit Nights
  • Royalty Programs
Communications Coordination PAC

Kierra Martinez and Faneisha Nibbs

Social Media    
Web Updates 

Global Awareness PAC

Lucrecia Vizcaino and Chip White

International Fest
Language Enrichment
Parent-led Cultural Events
Supports school-led cultural events 

PTCC Admin/Teacher Representatives

Justin Stubbs 

Fiscal Policies

  • Organizers for any event at GLOBE which takes in funds must submit a completed cash verification form.
  • In order to be reimbursed for expenses from the PTCC, approval for the expense must be obtained from the appropriate PAC Leader, and a completed Reimbursement Expense form must be submitted to the Treasurer.
  • The Board reviews financials at least twice/year to ensure compliance to budget and to the PTCC mission.

To view approved budgets, click links below:

Administration Documents

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