Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are measures of student learning used in grades where there is not a standardized end-of-grade test given by the state. In Georgia, SLOs are utilized to track achievement for students in Grades K-3. For these students, as well as Grade 3 where GLOBE Academy has chosen to use MAP® tests as a monitor for reaching our SLO.

Measures of Growth

MAP® tests are computer adaptive tests of reading and mathematics. When taking a MAP® test, the difficulty of the question is based on how well the child answered the previous question. In this way, the MAP® tests are able to zero in on each students specific achievement level. The MAP® tests are given three times during the academic year to monitor student progress. The data provided can be used by teachers to understand what each child is ready to learn, providing review where needed or more challenging material.

Our goal at GLOBE Academy is to see growth from the beginning of the year to the end for every child. It is not unusual to see dips during the year, but we are aiming for growth for every child, regardless of what their performance level is. We want our children who come in on grade level to continue to progress. We will offer additional support to children who need it. Children who come in ready for a challenge will continue to be challenged.

The 4th and 5th grades track academic progress through the Georgia Milestones tests. However, we believe the information provided by the MAP® tests is valuable and thus 4th and 5th grade students also participate in these measures at GLOBE.

The MAP® tests are one method of assessment. At GLOBE, we also collect individual measures at all grade levels using the following tools:

  • Fountas and Pinnell Running Records
  • Word Study Assessments; Fountas and Pinnell Words Their Way
  • EnVision math assessments
  • We also keep a portfolio for each child to show their progress

Our goal is to meet the needs of each child who attends GLOBE Academy.

The assessments throughout the year provide the information teachers need to meet those needs and ensure growth in every child.For resources on SLOs and on MAP® tests:

Foreign Language Thematic Units for Language Classes

Over the summer of 2015, teachers developed foreign language thematic units to help students acquire social language–language for everyday use both in class and if students were to travel to a foreign country. Up until then, most language taught had been around science, math and language arts content areas. These foreign language themes provide a framework for teachers to plan basic communication skills in addition to academic language through science, math and literacy.

We started the process by selecting foreign language themes that were most useful for kindergartners and first graders. Each theme includes vocabulary and language structures to assist students in applying the vocabulary to their daily language use. The foreign language thematic units for each grade level are designed to build upon each other, so that the vocabulary and language structures become more advanced with each year. 

Since 2015-2016 second graders were not exposed to these themes in their first two years at The GLOBE Academy, at this time, they are learning both the kindergarten and first grade units on  a daily basis.

It is our hope that after three years of intentional teaching of social language through these foreign language themes, students will be able to focus their attention on the academic language of content areas.

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