The GLOBE Academy Board of Directors is the governing body of the School and is responsible for overseeing the effective, faithful execution of the mission through the school’s program and operations.

The Board of Directors holds 10 formal meetings per year, which are announced in advance and open to the public. Each meeting includes a period for public comment; community members wishing to deliver a public comment should email Kevin Holder in advance of the meeting. Past and future meeting agendas and minutes, along with other Board documents, can be found via Board on Track.

The Board is organized around individual committees dedicated to Academics, Communications, Development, Diversity, Finance, Governance and Strategic Planning. These committees are always looking for engaged members; their meetings are also open to the public. Visit Board on Track or contact the committee chairs for more information.

Meet the Board

Lillian Norton
Board Chair

Adrienne McMillon
Treasurer and Finance

Jabari Clark

Leslie Mason
Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

Michelle Hayes

Leigh Long



Breck.pngBreck Heidlberg

Teri Williams

Daniela Torre Gibney image
Daniela Torre Gibney
Board Member,
At Large

Volunteer on a Board committee

The committees of GLOBE's governing board meet at least monthly. Chaired by a member of the Board of Directors, each committee comprises other Board members, school administration, staff, parents, and members of the community at large. We are always looking for volunteers on the Board committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, please review the Board committee descriptions listed below.

To apply, complete the Board Committee Interest Form. If you have any questions reach out to boardofdirectors@theglobeacademy.net.

Board Information

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee oversees matters pertaining to Board of Directors recruitment, nominations, orientation, training, and evaluation, in accordance with the bylaws of the organization, as well as established policies and practices approved by the Board.

Responsibilities include the following:
• Development of a governance structure and framework for the Board that aligns with the mission and vision of the school and focuses on recruitment, nominations, orientation, training, and evaluations
• Close collaboration with board members to ensure they are aware of training requirements, have access to training materials, and complete training in a timely manner
• Playing a leading role in the development of new board policies

Development Committee
The Development Committee is charged with planning and executing all school-led fundraising efforts, including Annual Fund, GLOBE Trot, and GLOBE Rocks.
All fundraising efforts go towards the school’s operating funds. This year’s  fundraising goal is $300,000 ($150,000 from Annual Fund and $150,000 from fundraising events).
There are three subcommittees:
• Annual Fund
• Grants
• Fundraising Events 
Committee members typically have a background in fundraising, grant writing, sales, communications, marketing and/or finance, but no fundraising experience is required.

Responsibilities include the following:
• Management and oversight of the fundraising initiatives that take place throughout the school year, including Annual Fund and school-led events
• Solicitation of grants and sponsorships for The GLOBE Academy

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee works to ensure that school messages align with GLOBE’s mission, vision, and values; reach their intended audiences with clarity and effectiveness; and promote a clear, strong brand identity. We look for committee members with a professional background in writing, editing, graphic design, video, or marketing communications strategy. The Communications Committee comprises community volunteers, as well as GLOBE’s executive director and staff communications director. It meets monthly, during school hours.

Responsibilities include the following:
• Development, design, and deployment of all board communications
• Creating and promoting a clear, strong brand identity through writing, editing, graphic design, video, and marketing communications strategy
• Development of messaging for GLOBE activities and events 

Strategic Planning Committee
The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the forward-looking planning and implementation of The GLOBE Academy’s 5-year strategic plan.

The 2018-2023 strategic plan has four major components:

1. Organizational Development
2. Facilities
3. Core Instruction
4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Responsibilities include:
• Development and implementation of GLOBE’s 5-year strategic plan
• Oversight of the effective, faithful execution of the school’s mission and vision by
focusing on organizational development, facilities, core instruction, and DEI

Academic Committee
The Academic Committee advances the mission of GLOBE by supporting the academic, social, and emotional wellbeing of students in the context of a dual-language, global education environment.

Our three areas of focus for the 2022-2023 academic year: 
1. Data and reporting
2. DLI/target-language learning
3. DEI/race-conscious instruction to support academic improvement

DEIBA Committee
The DEIBA committee fosters, supports, and advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and accessibility in our school. This committee encourages opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to grow in their own understanding of diversity and promotes equality of opportunity for all.

Responsibilities include the following:
• Supporting the development of educational programs for all constituencies that will
promote awareness and engagement with DEI-related matters and issues
• Fostering open communication, open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and compassion
among all stakeholders.
• Working to ensure that the school’s policies and practices embody these values and affirm them as a shared responsibility.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees all matters related to the school’s finances, property, and budget.
The Chair typically serves in a leadership role on the board as the board Treasurer. The committee’s most important responsibilities involve working with the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer to achieve the following milestones:
• Creating budget for next fiscal year
• Presenting budget recommendations to the Board
• Monitoring implementation of approved budget
• Recommending budget revisions
• Recommending appropriate policies for charter management

Charter Renewal Committee
The Charter Renewal Committee is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the application of The GLOBE Academy’s five-year charter renewal per the DeKalb County School District process.

Key areas of focus:

1. Working closely with GLOBE staff
2. Complying with DCSD application standards 
3. Aggregating data across various initiatives

This committee is chaired by a member of the Board and partners with the Executive Director. 

Responsibilities include:
• Development and submission of the charter renewal document for GLOBE
Academy to Dekalb County
• Coordination and dissemination of the charter renewal document to the
defined stakeholders for feedback and leads the initiative to include feedback
in the document where appropriate

Executive Director Support & Evaluation
The ED Support & Evaluation Committee is led by the Board chair and includes the Diversity Committee chair and Academic Committee chair as members. This is the only committee that is composed solely of board members.  
The committee provides the Executive Director (ED) with coaching and mentoring support on an ongoing basis. The Board chair meets with the ED weekly, and the other members support the ED on an as-needed basis.
The committee is also responsible for leading the formal ED evaluation process, which includes goal-setting and a mid-year and end-of-year review.

Facilities and Transportation Planning Committee
The Facilities and Transportation Planning (FTP) Committee is responsible for the long-term strategic planning for all GLOBE properties, facilities, and transportation options to best support the mission, vision, and values of The GLOBE Academy.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop a Facilities Plan encompassing all properties owned or leased by The GLOBE Academy. This plan will cover at least five years and may extend longer, as needed. 
  • Analyze transportation needs, using them to inform a Transportation Plan that will allow GLOBE to be more easily accessible for residents within the DeKalb County School District, including those who are currently underserved by GLOBE. The Transportation Plan seeks to optimize the overall experience of the GLOBE community and will be developed with consideration for efficiency, viability, and sustainability. 
  • Engage external firms/consultancies for expertise in developing such plans if needed. 
  • Work closely with the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and school staff on executing the plans per the agreed-upon timing. 
  • Establish plans for migrating from transitional operations to regular school operations, once plans have been implemented. 


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