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On this page, you will be able to find resources to better understand the GLOBE model and support your children’s language development.

GLOBE's Language Programme

Click here to view GLOBE's Language Program.

DeKalb County Public Library

DeKalb County Public Library now have all of their world language resources in one place.

GaDOE Resources

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Parent Coffee Talks

September 1, 2023view videoview slides
Middle School Language High School Credit, hosted by Sandra Daniel and Joan Marks

January 31, 2023view videoview slides
STAMP (Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency) Testing

November 10, 2022view video  |  view slides
GLOBE's Language Program
GLOBE's Director of Language Program, Sandra Daniel, hosted a Parent Coffee Talk to discuss the school's Language Program.

September 13, 2021 - view video
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) 
An information session for parents at The GLOBE Academy.

January 8, 2021open Zoom video (Access Passcode: oJ*JC8&Z)
Language Immersion When Not Immersed
Sandra Daniel, GLOBE's Language Coordinator recently discussed "Language Immersion When Not Immersed" during the PTCC's December Speakers Series session.

October 1, 2020view video
GLOBE's Language Program
GLOBE's Language Coordinator, Sandra Daniel, hosted a Parent Coffee Talk to discuss the school's Language Program.
The talk featured information on the following:
1) GLOBE’s Specific Language Program,
2) Language Expectations at each grade level, and
3) How to help from home

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