Imagine giving your child the world … not materially, but teaching him or her about other people and places, and imparting the gift of a global view. That dream is a reality at The GLOBE Academy, where students learn 50% of their academics in English and 50% in a second world language (Spanish, French, or Mandarin).

Biligual Options

Language is one of the strongest components of culture and is therefore a window into the thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets of others. Besides mastering a second language, immersion students are more aware of — and show more positive attitudes towards — other people and cultures. The GLOBE Academy embraces diversity and supports students and families from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, nationalities and socio-economic levels.

As your child begins to learn about other people, places, and ways of doing and being, it gives him or her a starting point for understanding differences of all kinds. Through small steps taken now, we will help teach your child the skills needed to be comfortable and confident in the world.

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